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We are so thrilled to inform you about our new class PILOXING, offered Friday mornings 8:30am. You may be wondering what is the world PILOXING is? PILOXING® cardio fusion incorporates cutting edge research and fitness techniques to burn maximum calories, build lean muscles, and increase stamina. The program uniquely blends the power, speed, and agility of boxing with the targeted sculpting and flexibility of pilates. These techniques are also supplemented by the use of weighted gloves, further toning the arms and maximizing cardiovascular health. Add to that exhilarating dance moves and you have a muscle-toning, fat-burning workout that will make you feel physically and mentally empowered!

Be sure to try it out this week! Spread the word of this amazing new class to your friends in San Clemente, Dana Point, and San Juan Capistrano, as it is only offered here at conveniently located Fitness Elite!


If you are anything like me, I am sure you spend tons of time searching for new, easy, yummy, healthy options! With this recipe you have hit the jackpot! Good clean eating that is able to satiate ANY appetite with endless serving options. These are so good, your kids won’t even know they are good for you! I made these using the protein powder Quest, found in our pro-shop. It can be a daunting task to determine what protein powder to go with, so we have done the hard work for you! After tons of research and comparing products we firmly stand behind Quest protein powder! It is all natural, lactose-free, 102 calories a serving, and contains 21 grams of all natural whey protein isolate, not to mention it truly is one of the most delicious ones we have tried! Even if you are not a member we are conveniently located in San Clemente, so residents of Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano and Laguna Niguel can come pick up the product here. Give these pancakes a shot:)

Protein Pancakes

1 Scoop of Quest Protein Powder (Vanilla)

1/3 cup Egg Whites

1/3 Small Banana

Dash of Cinnamon

1. Mash banana and mix in the other ingredients

2. Heat a pan over medium heat and coat with non-stick spray or coconut oil

3. Cook 1-2 minutes on the first side, flip for an additional 1 minute or until golden brown

Serve with any topping you would like! The options are endless, berries, jelly, greek yogurt and almonds, but my favorite is to smear a little bit of peanut butter and top with dark chocolate chips.

Working in the fitness industry we come across tons of AMAZING stories of how fitness and nutrition have completely transformed people’s lives! People who struggle with weight, self-esteem issues, stress, and over all malaise, are free from these obstacles as soon as a healthy diet and exercise regime are implemented. Today we just want to share a few small tips that will yield a HUGE difference in the quality of your life! We will focus on positivity and how a few conscious efforts can put you on the track to spiritual and physical well-being. Life is short, so live it to your fullest, fittest, and happiest potential!

1. Remove all negative influences in your life! Take a good look at your inventory of friends, people, co-workers, and job, ask yourself “Are these people uplifting my spirit and making me a better person?”. If you can answer NO about anyone of these people, distance them from your life.

2. Each day is a new gift! Each morning when you wake up, you are given a brand new opportunity to start fresh and make whatever improvements you wish! Maybe yesterday you weren’t ready to start a new workout or a new eating plan, but today you can! Or simply wake up with the intention of only radiating positivity to all you encounter. Feel empowered, you are the one in control!

3. Rest! Your body is temple, so make sure you are allowing it ample time to recover! Whether it was a nightmare of a workweek or a hardcore workout, give your body the opportunity to nourish itself! Your body will thank you tomorrow!

4. Change your habits! Make small changes, that will have a huge payoff down the road. Wake up a little earlier, swap out one meal a day for a better option, go run/walk around the harbor in Dana Point. One habit at a time will quickly turn into a lifestyle!

5. Do a good deed! Nothing is more satisfying than helping someone else out! Put that good karma out there, make this world a better place! It will come back:)

Take these tips with you and slowly incorporate them into your life! If you are ready to get fitness back into your schedule, come on in! Our staff will be more than happy to get you back on track to a better, healthier and HAPPIER you!