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Brian Burns Supercross Rider

Brian Burns, Pro Supercross Rider

This season we welcomed Supercross rider, Brian Burns, into the gym for some intense training sessions with Daniel Montecinos. Daniel, who is no stranger to training athletes, developed rigorous and exciting strength-training routines just for Burns helping him excel in this year’s Supercross games. Brian just turned pro this year, and with the help of Xtreme Fitness and his world-class trainer he should have no problem bringing home some trophies in next month’s Outdoor Nationals.

Brian would be the first to tell you how important it is to step away from the bike and put in the necessary time at the gym. Cross-training is such an essential component of exercise. By nature, we tend to get stuck in our habits, or even find complacency in an area of fitness we enjoy most. We applaud you if you’ve found something you are passionate about, but don’t forget the huge benefits offered by cross-training: reduced risk of injury, improved total fitness, enhanced exercise adherence, to name a few.

Spice things up, try something you would never dream of doing; drop into a hot yoga or spin class, dance your heart out, climb the highest beach stairs you can find. We are such incredible, capable humans… take after our inspiration of the week, Brian Burns, and do something new… just for you. If you are ready to take your workouts to the next level, we are conveniently located in San Clemente, close to San Juan Capistrano and Dana Point.

As many of you know we offer an AMAZING hot yoga program, with over40+ classes! We have everything from Power 1 to Hot Power Sculpt! Though we have been out for a while I still come across numerous members who are wondering “What is Hot Yoga?” and I highly urge you to TRY IT! Here are a few benefits of regular hot yoga practice!

1. Relieves stress! Hot yoga is some serious mind over matter, giving you one solid hour to completely focus in on yourself and conquer the class!

2. Release toxins! In hot yoga you leave entirely drenched in sweat. The toxins throughout your body are excreted with the sweat, flushing your system!

3. Toning and Fitness. Though you would not necessarily think of hot yoga as a method of working out, it absolutely is! With various postures and poses you will find yourself sore in all kinds of places the next morning!

4. Increase Flexibility. Regular yoga practice will make you much more flexible, and the heat makes you more pliable warming you up from the inside out!

Come try it out for yourself and give it a shot! Hot yoga is the perfect supplement to any fitness plan! We are conveniently located in San Clemente, accessible to residents of Dana Point, San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano!