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Some Tips for Staying Fit on the 4th of July

Some Tips for Staying Fit on the 4th of July

It can be easy (and totally understandable) to get carried away on a holiday. It is good to relax and give yourself a day of freedom, but beware…it can be very difficult to come back from that “relaxing holiday weekend.” I am going to share with you a few ideas for staying fit on the 4th of July while still enjoying the holiday. It is easy…and not as bad as it sounds.uncle-sam-exercise-347x404

1. Start off your day with a workout and a good breakfast. I always feel so much better if I have started my morning off right, despite what the rest of the day might look like. Get out to the gym for a quick workout, take the dog for a walk or go on a hike with the family. Eating a balanced meal with protein, fats and good carbs is another good way to start your day. Choices like an egg white breakfast burrito on a whole grain tortilla or Greek yogurt with almonds and honey will leave you feeling full and ready for the day!

2. Switch out your hot dog or hamburger for a lean turkey burger. This way you cut out a lot of bad fats and calories, yet still have a filling and protein packed meal. If you are BBQing at someone else’s house…bring some turkey patties with you and offer to share!

3. Don’t spend the day dipping chip after chip. Use carrots, broccoli or bell pepper to dip and when that cheesy queso dip is calling your name, head for the hummus!

4. Watch out for those sneaky drinks! One margarita can rack up 300-400 calories. Woah! Stay away from soda and if you are going to drink, stick to drinks that are clear and lower in sugar. Remember…water, water, water! Find some low calorie drink ideas HERE.

Find some awesome and healthy 4th of July recipe ideas HERE to get you started! Holidays are the perfect time to prove to yourself that you can live a balanced lifestyle! Have a safe and fun 4th of July weekend and we hope to see you in the gym!