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Yoga Tips

Turn Up The Heat With Hot Yoga

November 9, 2011 7:31 pm : Yoga Tips

The practice of Yoga worldwide is already widespread, but the explosion in popularity of “Hot Yoga
has even taken some top instructors by surprise. But what exactly is Hot Yoga, what are it’s benefits,
and why are so many practitioners turning to this new style of our ancient art.

The Basics

There are a number of different styles of Hot Yoga being practiced, but all have the same thing
common. Each is performed in a heated environment. Hot Yoga studios will usually be heated to a
temperature of somewhere between 85-110 degrees, with a humidity level that can reach at least 50%.

This atmosphere is maintained throughout the whole of each session. But what are the benefits?

Hot Yoga Benefits

By practising is such extreme temperatures there are a number of naturally occurring effects on the
body. Muscles that are warm are generally more flexible. This enables practitioners to perform deeper
asanas, and this in turn will give them a greater range of movement over time.

Muscles that are used to stretching to a greater degree will generally be less prone to injury, and
accidental damage.

The hot environment will also cause practitioners to sweat profusely, and many believe that this helps
the body to clear itself of toxins, leaving the practitioner feeling healthier , and with a strengthened
immune system.

There are also weight loss benefits to this type of Yoga. Those who attend Hot Yoga on a regular basis
won’t just become stronger and leaner due to increased muscle presence, but also because the high
temperatures raise the pulse rate. This forces the body to keep thermo-regulation, and this in itself will
help you burn more calories.

It’s important to remember that the benefits from practicing Hot Yoga aren’t just physical. Yoga
is known to lower ones levels of stress and anxiety, and this form of yoga challenges the student
to concentrate and focus even in such extreme temperatures. This helps you relax, and detach your
conscious mind from any external causes of stress.

Many of those who practice Hot Yoga describe feelings of inner peace and comfort that stay with them
long after the session is over. There are also many who report being able to sleep much deeper and
more comfortably, in addition to being able to maintain high levels of concentration throughout the

Contrary to popular belief, Hot Yoga is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners alike,
and with so many physical and psychological benefits to be enjoyed perhaps it’s time you experienced
the joy and exhilaration of Hot Yoga for yourself.

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