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Hot Yoga Classes

Our Yoga Classes…

Below is our complete list and description of the over 120 classes per week we offer here at Hot Yoga San Clemente:


Great class for beginners and a good introduction to the hot yoga heat. Inspired by “The Original Hot Yoga,” this class incorporates postures from the original heated sequence with an infusion of Vinyasa flow and music.  Find gratification developing the original 26 postures as a powerful tool to radiant health. Discover discipline, control and balance in a heated environment. This structured sequence will refine technique and help you understand the deliberate connection of breath and movement. All levels welcome.


Starting at room temperature, Hot Vinyasa 1 is a great class for beginners, as postures are broken down and demonstrated, with emphasis on alignment. Taught at a slower pace with gradual, moderate heat, this class provides some Vinyasa flow style, with varying sequence blends, including core strengthening, balancing, and continuous acknowledgement of the breath. All levels welcome.


Hot Vinayasa 2 is a perfect outlet for students who are ready to deepen their practice and further their yoga journey. This class offers more advanced postures at a more rapid pace than Power Yoga 1. Additionally, the heated environment will invigorate and detoxify the body while the advanced poses and sequencing will push you physically and promote connectivity of the mind, body, and spirit. Infused with Vinyasa flow style, this accelerated class will inspire students to new levels of yoga practice; however, modifications will still be provided for newer students.


Bring free weights to your yoga mat to discover a heightened and more intense workout experience while still gaining all the benefits of yoga. Hot Power Sculpt will provide more upper body strengthening, as well as an opportunity for each individual to develop a new threshold of physical training through a Vinyasa flow style practice. Conducted in the heat, this class will have you sweating as you incorporate free weights to lengthen, strengthen and tone every major muscle group. All levels are welcome.


This class is a great introduction to the heat. Set at a moderate temperature of approximately 100 degrees, Hot Yoga Vinyasa Flow 1-2  will provide a comfortable stepping stone between Power 1 and Power 2. In this class, postures are broken down and demonstrated and advanced poses will be introduced with sequencing set at a faster pace to push you physically and to promote connectivity of the mind, body and spirit.


Join us for the perfect supplement to your yoga practice: a gentle flow through seated and standing asanas with incorporated deep stretching. Whether you’ve been practicing for years or you’ve never stepped into the studio, this class will be a huge benefit to your mind and body. Slow down, honor your body and join us for this amazing flow.


Ignite your core, awaken your bhandas and strengthen your shoulders on your journey into the more challenging yoga asanas. If you are interested in building the strength to play with arm balances and experiment with inversions (ie. going upside down), this class is for you. Core Fire Inversion is challenging and playful. It will give you the tools to take your practice to the next level. *this class is NOT for beginners


Learn about body postures and breathing techniques for wellness! Improve body flexibility and performance, help reduce stress, discover inner peace and self-realization. Includes yoga blocks, blankets and stationary items. All levels welcome.


Open to all skill levels, Yin yoga classes help you find a physical path that harmonizes mind, body and soul. Taught a slower pace this class provides a very deep stretch; focusing on stress relief, flexibility improvement, and is the ideal supplement to your yoga practice.  Bring a mat, water and a towel.


The natural way to deal with stress and a “tight” body. Combines a series of stretches, body postures and breathing to produce a sense of physical well-being and inner peace.  All levels welcome.


An aerobic workout that incorporates great Latin rhythms like salsa, merengue and samba with footwork … it’s FUN … it’s playful … it’s a DANCING WORKOUT! And it IS a vigorous workout with a core based AB workout at the end … your entire body will feel more than just the pleasing musical rhythms. ZUMBA helps relieve stress while exercising and strengthening muscles from head to toe.


The Ultimate Girls Night Out is available to you at Club VIP: Experience all of Linda Bell’s hot choreography in a beautiful nightclub-style atmosphere! Learn amazing new dance moves that will challenge your body while having blast. Individual instruction to helps move your pole style to a new level.


Combine dance and aerobics for a terrific workout. Jazz, hip-hop, the swing and more. Fun,
fun, fun! Standing, fluid and static body stretches. Beginner and up.


Step up to the challenge as you learn new ways to enjoy the “step workout.” Motivating
step combinations provide a great cardio workout. Focus on abdominal and lower back.


If you enjoy step and more, this class will become one of your favorites. Work on cardio endurance on and off the step with sculpting for the entire body. Plus, improve body flexibility. You’ll feel complete after this workout!

SPINNING– Indoor Cycle

Ride your way to a leaner, stronger body. Burn an average 500 calories per 40-minute ride and you’ll get a heart pounding, low-impact workout while maintaining the ability to go at your own pace.


TRX Suspension Training harnesses your own body weight to create resistance as you workout, allowing you and your class trainer to adjust the degree of difficulty to any level for age, fitness level, and fitness goals. TRX workouts can burn up to 1200 calories an hour. That means you’ll also burn more calories at rest.


Increase flexibility, strength and range of motion with controlled mat Pilates. Focusing on
the body as a whole, these exercises improve posture, enhance mental alertness, and help
restore “balance” to the entire body.


Achieving a toned appearance and general fitness are the top reasons that people do Pilates. Pilates is a fundamental set of movement and breathing principles that also offer enhanced strength, balance, flexibility and “a complete coordination of body, mind and spirit” (Joseph Pilates). You’ll focus on the core as well as upper and lower body placement. Perfect for all ages and all fitness levels.


Add band resistance to your mat Pilates workout and you’ll gain additional flexibility and increased range of motion for the entire body. Release muscle tension and tight areas of body with progressive stretching and focused breathing. Improve circulation and help reduce daily stress.


Pilates Reformer equipment helps you take your Pilates routines to the next level with challenging, intense workouts. Exercises are performed on the Reformer from kneeling, reclining and standing positions. Springs, leverage and body weight provide increased resistance as you target specific muscle groups with Pilates movements. As you work to overcome this resistance, your individual training efforts result in ever-increasing fitness levels.


Perfect for anyone who has little or no experience on the reformer. Begin learning important fundamentals of lateral breathing, core engagement and fluid movement. Use the reformer basic exercises and stretches to move you to your next fitness level.


After completing the basic level, you are now ready for a more intense work, including double and single leg exercises, core abdominal work, upper body strengthening, and more challenging stretches to tone and lengthen your muscles. Each class will improve flexibility and strength.


You are now ready to test your endurance, flexibility and strength utilizing the full array of reformer exercises. Modifications will be made to increase difficulty in exercises, including jumping. Props and intense strap works what the reformer can do for your balance, coordination, posture and strength.


Strength and balance exercise can increase your independence by helping you avoid the disabilities that can result from falling. This “fun” workout is body conditioning exercise using weights and bands to enhance major and minor muscle groups as well as improving posture and balance.


Stretching exercises can give you more freedom of movement which allows you to be more active every day. These strength exercises rebuild older adult muscles and increase your metabolism which helps keep your weight and blood sugar in check. Start at a low impact pace to increase your heart rate, use light weights for muscle building and toning, and finish with a standing full-body stretch.


Let’s GO SENIORS! Stay healthy and have a blast with this senior version of ZUMBA which includes belly dance moves.


Shake, rattle and roll off the excess baggage during this rockin’ kick box class. Using light weights and bands helps make this a cardio push endurance routine.


Bring energy to this class! Fitness boot camp is now recognized as the quickest and most effective way for people of all fitness levels to get into shape. Tackle your muscles from head to toe with this aggressive, efficient hardcore workout – one that exercises heart and muscles as you go from exercise to exercise without a break. You’ll be challenging your body to the limit.


This focused class incorporates a dynamic strength and conditioning program for developing total body power, including upper and lower body strength with balance, flexibility and cardio enhancement. Drills on the Reebok Core Board offer three-dimensional action that tilts, twists, torques and recoils with the body’s movements. Its reactive surface not only forces your muscles to work as a team … it helps you build inner confidence with through speed and agility.


Bring your water and a towel for this power, strength, and conditioning workout for your entire body. It’s called “plyometrics” and you’ll feel the burn. Plyometric exercises involve high intensity, explosive muscular contractions that increase the automatic stretch reflex to develop speed, strength and pure athletic power.


This class mixes Pilates and boxing moves into a fat torching, muscle sculpting, core-centric interval workout, guaranteed to whip you into shape, using a class format that’s both fun and challenging.


Strengthen, tone and define the entire body using hand weights, resistance bands and the
body bar. Achieve upper and lower body strength with balance, flexibility, and cardio enhancement. Exercise includes stability ball for head-to-toe workout.


Emphasizing “whole body” improvement. Strengthen, tone and define entire body using
hand weights, resistance bands and the body bar.


Don’t like to focus on one thing too long? Bring your energy to F.I.T. BC Interval Training where you’ll participate in alternating bursts of intense activity with intervals of lighter activity. Target all muscle groups using free weights, tubes and stability balls; then keep movin’ with cardiovascular and polymeric training that incorporates body weight resistance. You’ll burn more calories, improve your aerobic capacity, and definitely keep boredom at bay.


Choreographed total body workout using a barbell with adjustable weights. Highly trained
instructors and motivating music provide unique physical and mental challenges. Real
results … real fast!


Do it all in an hour … or just do half. Meet in the aerobic room for a targeted 30-minute session of lower body conditioning and upper body work. Then reward yourself with 30 minutes of indoor cycling to boost your calorie burn for a great finish. Lower body strength with balance, flexibility, and cardio enhancement.


With new public awareness of the benefits to general strength and overall fitness, pole fitness continues gaining popularity as a remarkable form of exercise. It is exercise that increases core and general body strength by using the body itself as resistance, while at the same time toning the entire body. In addition to a burning calories with this full body workout, classes teach strength, flexibility, self-esteem and a new level of personal confidence.


Pole workout routines are designed to strengthen the upper body, abdominal muscles and buttocks while increasing agility and flexibility. Pole fitness is terrific for toning the legs and, in fact, the entire body. This introduction to pole fitness includes strength-building moves and basic pole maneuvers such as holds, spins and vaults.


Pole dancing is a challenging sport that will push the boundaries of your body’s endurance, muscular strength, stamina, and flexibility. It can be a great sensual workout to tone the body. As you begin mastering pole fitness, you’ll notice that you are also developing strength and learning to be confident with your body. Regular pole fitness workouts can also help free the mind and improve muscle tone.