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Our Instructors


Desiree Lee

Desiree’s first experience of yoga began with a very gentle Hatha Yoga at Orange Coast College back in 2002. After exploring a bit of ashtanga yoga and some Bikram yoga, Desiree grew roots in Vinyasa Power Yoga. After a steady and consistent practice, she experienced such an amazing and tremendous change in her life that Desiree decided that she must learn to teach and share her passion for yoga with others. She offers a powerful and open hearted approach to your Yoga practice. Through movement and music, you will experience asanas incorporating the power of the breath to movement, meditation through movement and strength of the human spirit.







Barbara Champins

An avid fitness and an outdoor lover, Barbara’s passion for yoga developed at an early age. Her interest in healthy living and her mother’s study of Ayurveda, a form of indian medicine that involves diet, meditation and yoga evoked in her the thirst to know more about this art.

After indulging in Bikram Yoga for many years, and experimenting the many different styles through her travels to Costa Rica and Indonesia, Barbara deepened her practice and found in yoga the physical benefits of exercise plus the mental and spiritual connection she was craving. A certified massage therapist and a graduate of the Marianne Wells School of Yoga in Costa Rica, Barbara brings a cultural flair and an ample knowledge of body mechanics and alignment to her classes. Acknowledging the body as a vessel that carries spirit, Barbara believes that yoga helps lift the mental and physical veil that may block the full expression of the spirit within. Join Barbara in her journey to honor the body and mind in a fun class with a dance like sequence flow of yoga postures and breathing awareness while tapping into the inner wisdom.



Sheree O’Brien

Sheree’s yoga journey began nearly ten years ago with an injury- after spending most of her teens and twenties participating in sports such as tennis, hockey, and horseback riding, she was sidelined with debilitating back pain. Her physical therapist suggested yoga as part of her rehabilitation, and she has been practicing ever since. She has explored Bikram, Iyengar and Kundalini yoga, but found her home in practicing and teaching Vinyasa Power Yoga. In 2010, she completed her initial 200hr training through Corepower yoga and she continues to attend workshops and trainings, deepening her knowledge as a student and practitioner.

After personally experiencing the inner peace and physical benefits of practicing yoga, Sheree hopes to empower others on their own yoga journeys. Her classes incorporate compelling music matched with spirited asana sequences and breathwork . She strives to provide a safe, light-hearted atmosphere that allows students of all levels to feel successful in their practice.




 Aleesha Herde Villegas

Aleesha Herde-Villegas is grateful to guide others through their journey and practice of yoga. Upon experiencing her own transformation while becoming a dedicated yoga student she became inspired to share this gift with others in her community and truly feels blessed in assisting others into an enhanced way of life through overall health and self-awareness. Aleesha is a Registered Yoga Teacher with certified trainings in both Vinyasa Flow and Hot Yoga, which she enjoys infusing these elements and styles into the diversity of classes she teaches while bringing attention to alignment. Her passion and desire to learn has led her to attend workshops, be dedicated to self-studies, and participate in internship programs. Aleesha has found her true joy in yoga after the relief of many past injuries and has never felt more healthy, happy, or fulfilled.
She’s enthusiastic about sharing the many benefits yoga has to offer. Regardless of the style of class Aleesha is teaching, she provides her students with a joyful, uplifting, and peaceful environment where they can experience an elevated level of confidence, focus, and peace while embracing the physical, emotional and spiritual strength that is available to each individual that attends her class.

yogateacher2Lisa Saremi

Lisa Saremi’s mission is to support others to tap into their highest potential and purpose. She believes that the practice of yoga is one of the most powerful ways to unite the mind, body, spirit connection to ignite and align the energy centers within us bringing us closer to the best versions of ourselves. Lisa Saremi is not only a yogini, but she is also the founder of and is also known as The Healthy Food Nut as an online blogger on food, nutrition and wellness as well as a Holistic Health Coach. Her company works with individuals and companies using programs with different modalities like cleanses, Reiki, meditation, coaching and yoga to cause transformation in people’s lives. Her yoga practice started in 2006 and ?nally decided to take her practice to a deeper level by becoming an instructor to share this beautiful transformative moving meditation with others. She says, “My favorite part about teaching yoga is bringing its core philosophies into practice into my own life so that as a teacher I can be the space for others to transform, expand and grow beyond any self-imposed limitations”


yogateacher3Lori Kelmar


A fun high intensity class intended to challenge you with a collaboration of yoga poses, pilates, plyometrics, cardio and some light weights. You are sure to connect with your body and breath through grounding with intention and focus as you are stretching and strengthening your core and all muscle groups in your entire body, specifically dialing into those tiny little muscles to help refine and define. You will leave this class feeling like you have been challenged, yet more centered, connected and grounded ready to take on the day. Lori finds this practice to bring about a strong mind, body, and spirit.

Lori’s Yoga Experience:
Shortly after becoming a mother, Lori began practicing yoga and found it created more strength, flexibility and balance in her life. While Lori has always been athletic throughout her life to some degree, she feels stronger than ever in her life and claims Yoga is greatly responsible for being so. Lori finds through grounding, breathe, setting intentions/affirmations and maintaining focus while balancing and strengthening to be both a challenge and a form of meditative practice in and of itself.  Lori says, “While in class and focused on both my breath, challenged by the movement/range or stagnant holds of my body while choosing to support my body and breath with my intent & affirmation, I am fully present and grounded, which amplifies and transfers my mind, body and breath connection for the remainder of my day in a strong positive focused manner.  Lori wants to support others that want to feel and experience that same goodness and strength. Lori completed Cloud Nine Yoga teacher training in San Clemente, CA and is a certified yoga instructor. She enjoys sharing her practice and love for yoga with others.  Lori’s current focus is integrating her passions and journeying alongside others wanting to strengthen, stretch and ground through yoga.


Paige Gammell

Paige Gammell, 200 hour RYT was introduced to yoga at a young age. Her inspiration to move and learn about the body came from many dedicated years in her childhood as a classically trained ballerina. She was offered many scholarships abroad to pursue her career in ballet but due to an injury, was unable to attend. It was through yoga that Paige found healing both physically and emotionally.

Paige’s early training in the vinyasa method led her to study under Sesa O’Connor and in 2013 became a Yoga Alliance certified instructor through Tamal Dodge School of Yoga.

Paige welcomes all to join in her class and unique approach to teaching. She hopes to inspire her students to find this healing and union within.



yogateacher5Cammie Dunn

As an avid surfer and outdoor enthusiast, Cammie was originally drawn to hot yoga for the physical challenge. Finding far more than ‘just another workout’, she returned to her mat regularly because of the intense emotional and spiritual benefits. Once the time was right, she followed her passion and studied yoga, further receiving her 200-hour Yoga Alliance Teaching Certificate from Core Power. Cammie is also a middle school teacher in her hometown of San Clemente. She holds a Master’s Degree in Education and has been teaching for over twenty years, including several years as a ski instructor in Lake Tahoe.  “Yoga has completely changed every aspect of my life for the better, and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with my friends and community!”



yogateacher6Sabrina Rubin

My passion for yoga came to me when my friend referred me to a free week at a yoga studio. I fell in love instantly. Yoga was something that I could do to get away from my daily life. I’ve always tried to find something that I truly loved to do.  With yoga, I feel like i can’t get enough of it. There’s always something new to learn from, whether it’s of the asanas and their benefits or of the philosophy and the yoga system. I like taking the physical practice of yoga and using it as a stepping stone to my spiritual practice; that is, not only taking me physically out of my comfort zone, but also mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This is what I am passionate about and I am so grateful every day to be able to share this passion with others!  I plan to continue to study and dedicate my life to yoga and I’m so eager to share what I learn with those around me whenever I get the opportunity




yogateacher7Jessica Richter

My yoga journey began consistently when I started loving this one particular teacher’s class in Naples, Florida where I truly had to use my breath to make it through the postures! It intrigued me that there was always somewhere to go in yoga, something to build upon. And yet, on the other hand, as an athlete, what really drew me to yoga and keeps me coming back is the non-competitive nature of it. That part of it, keeps me in balance, keeps me sane!


I was a basketball player my whole life-played professionally overseas after college and so wish i would have discovered the amazing healing and preventative components of yoga while I was still competing. I want to help pass on the wholeness that yoga brings, not just the outward, physical journey but the inward one as well.

My teaching style reflects that desire; it’s inspirational, playful, happy, and offers a place of surrender for mind, body, and soul.




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