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Children’s Center

The staff at Hot Yoga San Clemente understands how difficult it can be to find time for yourself. We want you to know that it is our mission to:

  1. Always provide the BEST SERVICE in caring for your children.
  2. Assure you peace of mind so that you can fully concentrate on your workout.
  3. Maintain the SAFEST and CLEANEST facility possible while your children have fun under the loving supervision of our caring staff.

Please read all the information carefully and, if you have questions, let us know! We’re happy to serve you.

Children’s Center hours.

8am-8pm Mon – Thurs.
8am-1pm Fri. Sat. & Sun

Children’s Center Directors:

Julie Yost, Childcare Director, San Clemente: (949) 661-6060


Children’s Ages
We accept children at approximately two months of age, or after the infant has been inoculated. We care for children up to about ten years of age. Any child who is under the age of fourteen (14) must use the Children’s Center if they are going to be in the club. Members must pay for each child who utilizes the Children’s Center.

Children must wear shoes at all times while in the Children’s Center.

Children must use the restroom located in the Children’s Center.

We urge your child NOT to bring toys from home… they tend to get lost or broken, which could upset both you and your child. Our well-stocked Children’s Center has many toys for children of all ages.

Label Everything!
Please label everything that you bring to the Children’s Center including bottles, diaper bags, etc. Although we try to label all items when you check in, it would be greatly appreciated if objects were permanently labeled to avoid any confusion. Also, please check the lost and found regularly. After thirty (30) days, we donate unclaimed items to charity.

Snacks – Yes / Gum – NO
We encourage you to bring snacks for your children… please, crackers or dry food and clear juice ONLY. We want to keep the floor as clean as possible. Bottles and formula are an exception. And, GUM IS NEVER ALLOWED in the Children’s Center.

Germs & Communicable Disease
Please help us eliminate as many germs as possible by keeping your child at home if he or she has or has had a fever, runny nose, cough or unknown rash during the previous 24 hours. We will ask you to take your child home if he or she appears to have such symptoms. Toys are disinfected every day and after every use when placed in a child’s mouth. Although we cannot completely stop germs from spreading, we do our very best to help protect your child… please help us in this effort. Children’s Center attendants use hand sanitizer throughout their shift.

Fire Alarms
Please make your older children aware of our fire alarms. Explain to them the importance of activating an alarm and the danger of activating a false alarm. We have not had any problems with the alarms, however, we do need children to be aware of their importance.

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Additional Services

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  • Pilates Reformer Training
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San Clemente Hot Yoga
638 Camino de los Mares #130,
San Clemente , California 92673
Phone: 949-493-3460