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Wellness, Nutrition & Weightloss

Renee Sampedro

“Get ready to lose body fat, boost your metabolism and feel great!”

Renee Sampedro is a California State Certified Nutritionist. She is an advocate of proper nutrition and has enjoyed over 15 years of experience in the health industry. She is certified in functional endocrinology, blood and saliva chemistry analysis, CPR, First Aid, and personal training. As a contracted writer for McGraw Hill, she wrote a weekly nutritional column providing nutritional advice to a wide variety of readers. Renee specializes in body fat reduction, weight-loss and nutritional consulting.

Renee graduated with a B.S. in Psychology from San Diego State University. She also graduated from the School of Healing Arts of San Diego. She is the former owner of Donnelly Square Fitness Club for Women, a club akin to Fitness Elite for Women; and more recently the owner of Monarch Nutrition a private practice providing nutritional guidance to clients. As a nutritionist at Fitness Elite for Women, her greatest reward is seeing her clients reach their full personal potential.

Renee’s philosophy comes from a holistic mind-body approach to health and well-being, reflected by her training in psychology, nutrition, and fitness. She works with her clients one-on-one to design a personal plan targeting their specific health, nutritional, and fitness needs.

Through knowledge and education she will dispel common myths and pitfalls while creating a plan that will achieve desired results. When working with Renee, one can expect to gain knowledge toward a balanced approach to health, shed unwanted weight, and feel greater energy through positive lifestyle changes.

Alison Hopkins

Alison Hopkins completed the didactic program in dietetics with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she competed on the Track and Cross-Country teams. She has also earned her Personal Training Certification, and Teaching Credential. Alison has competed in multiple half marathons and marathons. She has provided nutrition education for health and fitness camps and collegiate Track and Cross-Country teams. She also coached high school cross country where she provided performance nutrition guidance to her athletes. Alison has worked with a variety of clients in her former role as a Health Coach for a corporate wellness company called American Specialty Health. Here she supported clients in their weight loss and wellness goals. Other clients Alison has worked with consist of children, teens, and their families. Working with clients to provide nutrition education and a specific plan for them to reach their best quality of life is where Alison’s passion is deeply rooted.

Most chronic degenerative illnesses are on the rise. Current interventions target easing the pain and suffering but have little to offer in addressing underlying causes. Meanwhile study-after-study confirms that our day-to-day nutrition and lifestyle choices are often at the root of these conditions. Alison believes that the best approach to take for helping people improve their health is through coaching and education. This allows Alison to work individually with people, and to combine her nutrition knowledge with skills that she has learned through her education and coaching experience. Alison builds her program around a foundational understanding of nutrition, the single most important ingredient of a long term, sustainable health program. She emphasizes the importance of Nutrition Education with her clients. Learning how food effects your body and health is the key to living a healthy lifestyle. Alison also understands the importance of proper nutrition for optimal performance. Whether you want to prevent future health issues, feel better, or reach an athletic goal, Alison will design a plan that meets your individual goals and needs.